Thursday, a battle occurred underneath the artificial lights of UREC’s indoor soccer arena. Championship round of the CoRec1 League: Not Up in Here vs. Student Ambassadors.

Here’s how the game went as reported by Kyle Penrose and Jenn Alleva, soccer captions of the Student Ambassador team:

Jenn: “We went up 4-1 pretty early. They came back in big fashion. We scored the 5th goal with about 6:30 left I think. They scored their 5th goal with .2 seconds left. We were really even in the overtime and PKs. The last two rounds were sudden death.”

Kyle: “In the final round of sudden death PKs, Mollie Delp finally made one, putting all the pressure on a girl on the other team. Her team advised her to kick the ball really hard, and she totally missed the goal, but about 10 feet to the right. Unclimactic ending, but a win is a win.”

SA intramural indoor soccer players, Photo credited to Matthew Merritt

A win is a win? That is EPIC. Congratulations to Student Ambassadors for the victory. Rumor has it Kyle Penrose hit his face in the ground as he tried to run onto the floor to celebrate (as reported by Trey Smith and Greg Farrell)…nice.

If you want your team featured for winning a championship (or I suppose losing) contact Grant at


Get Wet.

April 25, 2011 Leave a comment

It is finally starting to heat up here at JMU and with finals just around the corner, I can only think about the most important thing to me…summer.

One of the biggest worries during the heat is how to stay cool while still having fun. Some people run through their sprinklers, others duke it our with their Super Soakers….but, personally, I love water balloon fights.

Water balloon fights are not only classic, but an epic way to cool off this summer. I say that we show professors that finals are not the only things on our minds this week and have a humungous water balloon fight in the Quad somtime during the next two weeks. It would be just like when the huge snowball fight in the Quad happened last year. WHO IS WITH ME??!!

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What in the World?

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It’s spring, right?

It’s supposed to be in the 70’s and bright and sunny. Right?!

Well I have a bone to pick with Mother Nature and this whole semester. Even previous spring semesters at that.


Case in point: freshman year (two years ago for all you non-math majors), I had to play intramural sand volleyball while it was snowing out. Yup, you heard my rant, SNOWING. It’s not even the cold that bothers me, it’s the sand. It’s like a magnet for cold weather, numbing the toes first and then the feet and lastly your body as you dive for the ball.

You want to wear shoes but it’s awkward to run on the sand in them. So you bite your lip and go barefoot or attempt the socks (see the definition of wussies). Waiting for cold pain to seep in, you realize you’re only through the first five points, even though it feels like you’ve been in the sand for an hour.

This semester it has not snowed enough to interrupt intramurals but it’s still cold!

So I must apologize to those who read through this entire post. But if you get one useful thought out of reading this, understand my epiphany:

Global Warming sucks.

Running with joy

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Senior Tessa DuBois is a member of the club cross country and track team. JMUpg2sports caught up with Tessa just days after she competed in her first Boston Marathon to ask about her passion for the sport.

–When did you become passionate about running?

I started running in the 6th grade but became REALLY passionate during the end of sophomore year. That summer I decided to train for my first marathon and since then my running life has taken off! And I love it!

–What experience do you have with running on a team?

Throughout high school I ran cross country which was awesome! Most of my friends were on the team which made it much more enjoyable. Since college, I’ve been running with Club XC and Track. I love the team because I am still able to compete in xc races and travel to other meets. It’s great having a community that shares the same interest in running. Running on a team or in groups help encourage me to run harder while enjoying their company.

–When did you join club cross country and track?

I joined my freshman year at JMU. I knew I wanted to keep running in school and saw that there was an xc club so it worked out perfect! I have held executive positions within the club as secretary and president.

–What does the season look like?

In the fall, we do xc. We travel to about 5 meets: 1 being home, regionals, and nationals. We have many levels on the team but we all have fun at races. In the spring, we train and compete in road races and track. We run a half marathon and 10K for road races and then about 3 track meets, 1 also being home. The club runs all year–even during the winter. Having a team makes cold winter running more enjoyable.

–Do you have a favorite meet that you’ve competed in?

I always like our home meet because 1. we don’t have to travel far and 2. I know the course very well. This year was crazy though because I was organizing the meet but also running in it. I didn’t have time to warm-up or focus before the race but that got my adrenaline moving. Plus the course is really pretty–a little hilly too!

–You recently ran the Boston Marathon. What gave you the desire to run this race?

My desire to run Boston came when I qualified in my first marathon (Richmond, 2009). Boston registration closed the day of the Richmond Marathon so my spot got transferred to 2011. It was a long waiting period but so worth it! Training for Boston and the race itself showed me why I love running. It’s not all about timing and place, but instead the joy and accomplishment running brings me. I wrote JOY on my hand during the race because I didn’t want to run for time, but for joy; I just wanted to enjoy this moment and experience. So every time I looked at my watch, I was reminded at the reason I was running. I do love to compete and challenge myself, but for my first Boston Marathon I didn’t want to overdo it.

–How did you prepare/train for the BM?

I did an 18 week training plan that was created by me and my friend, Missy, who also runs marathons. My training this time was much more intense than when I trained for Richmond. For that marathon, I mainly did endurance long runs at an easy pace. For Boston, I did 5 days/week of running, 1 day swimming, and 1 day rest. Each run had a purpose whether it was speed, long run, recovery run, or long run with speed (didn’t enjoy those until they were over!). About 3 months in, I hurt my IT band (outer thigh to knee) so I had to take off 3 of my long runs. That was really hard because during marathon training, you long runs are very important. After my pain went away, I had about 3 weeks until Boston. I was pretty nervous that I lost much of my cardio strength but just had to stay positive. I was so excited to run Boston so having that mentality really carried me through.

–Was it a difficult experience?

I wouldn’t say it was difficult but it definitely took mental and physical strength. I stuck to my training plan (minus when I got injured) which prepared me well. During long runs and races, there comes a time where your body is in cruise control and doesn’t stop. And your mind is focused on the finish line so you just let your body follow. That’s why people say running takes mental and physical strength. For Boston, the first half was great and I’d say the last 10 miles were pretty tough, mainly because of the hills and I stopped taking energy gels at mile 16 (GU, Power Gels) because it was making me sick. It was challenging at times but the feeling at the end is indescribable. I am very sore but that soreness only reminds me of the joy I felt during Boston.

–Do you plan to run after college?

YES!! I hope to make running a part of my career one day–whether it’s through sports commissions/sporting event planning or writing for Runner’s World Magazine. I do not plan to take a long break after Boston. Once my soreness goes away, I hope to keep up my endurance. Running is routine for me and something I need every day–kind of an addiction but I’d say a healthy one!

A Walk for Dawn

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In conjunction with the previous post about Relay for Life participants being athletes, we thought we’d mention another opportunity in Harrisonburg tonight. The first annual Harrisonburg NephCure Walk will take place this evening at the Convo. The walk will be in honor of NephCure Ambassador and JMU Women’s Basketball player, Dawn Evans, who has been battling FSGS for a couple years. Registration begins at 6pm this evening, and the walk will conclude around 9pm.

The event will include a block party, music and entertainment to raise awareness and money for Nephrotic Syndrome and FSGS. So join Dawn and her basketball and NephCure families as they walk to find a cure!

Define an Athlete

April 21, 2011 1 comment

How do you define an athlete?

An athlete needs to play a sport but then what defines a sport?

An athlete is someone who is persistent with what they do. They strive to do their best at their task and beat out the competition. Generally, they’re on a team or have a supporting system to lean on (see all thank you speeches). They want to grow stronger mentally and physically. They do activities that push there bodies to the limit. They keep pushing even when there is pain. They cry out of passion and encourage others around them. They have passion to win and injuries do not stop them.

Thank you to those who came out to Relay for Life this weekend, for those who are fighting. Combating cancer is as much as a sport as playing in the NBA. You have a will to win. You are an athlete, you are someone to look up to. Thank you for never quitting.


To still donate to relay for life go to


April 15, 2011 1 comment

Photo courtesy of Colleen Hogan

When some students come to college, they begin friendships that last for years to come. For a group of senior soccer players, that  was exactly the case.

The intramural co-ed soccer team, Crunited, has been playing indoor and outdoor soccer together since their sophomore year. The team has come close to winning the intramural championship each year, but never have. However, this indoor season is the last time that this exact team has the opportunity to compete together for a championship.

The Crunited team consists of seniors Jason Brown, Alex Solan, Ryan Haun, Stephen Gassaway, Colleen Hogan, Jenn Wilcox, Alicia Sharon and Alison O’Boyle, along with sophomores Grant Haskins and Jamie Kerr. The athletes became friends through their participation in Campus Crusade for Christ, a non-denominational Christian organization on campus.

Crunited is undefeated (4-0) entering the intramural soccer playoffs after delivering team “Back that pass up” their first loss Wednesday night. Senior Stephen Gassaway played goalie for the entire game, while other players switched their playing positions multiple times. The face-off of these two undefeated teams Wednesday night ended with a 4-1 score as a result of Crunited’s goal scorers: Jason Brown, Ryan Haun and Grant Haskins, who had two goals.

“A big influence on our play is the fan support every game,” said senior Colleen Hogan. “On average, at least four fans come out to cheer us on. Last night, however, about 10 of our friends came to support us. With people there watching, it encourages us to play even better.”

Intramural soccer playoffs begin next week and Crunited is looking to win the coveted intramural champion t-shirts as one last thing to check off their bucket lists before graduating in May!