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Thursday, a battle occurred underneath the artificial lights of UREC’s indoor soccer arena. Championship round of the CoRec1 League: Not Up in Here vs. Student Ambassadors.

Here’s how the game went as reported by Kyle Penrose and Jenn Alleva, soccer captions of the Student Ambassador team:

Jenn: “We went up 4-1 pretty early. They came back in big fashion. We scored the 5th goal with about 6:30 left I think. They scored their 5th goal with .2 seconds left. We were really even in the overtime and PKs. The last two rounds were sudden death.”

Kyle: “In the final round of sudden death PKs, Mollie Delp finally made one, putting all the pressure on a girl on the other team. Her team advised her to kick the ball really hard, and she totally missed the goal, but about 10 feet to the right. Unclimactic ending, but a win is a win.”

SA intramural indoor soccer players, Photo credited to Matthew Merritt

A win is a win? That is EPIC. Congratulations to Student Ambassadors for the victory. Rumor has it Kyle Penrose hit his face in the ground as he tried to run onto the floor to celebrate (as reported by Trey Smith and Greg Farrell)…nice.

If you want your team featured for winning a championship (or I suppose losing) contact Grant at grant.jmupg2sports@gmail.com

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